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ROEM: Adri Peralta




ROEM: Adri Peralta

In the current times that we’re living, it feels important to reflect on the value that diversity holds. “Jopara” is a project about questions on where the human and natural worlds intersect. Humans sometimes find it hard to coexist with other humans that are not the same. Is it a matter of identity or power? And can homogeneity in culture, as well as in nature, be a danger to our ecosystem?

This project tries to shed light on the value that diversity brings to our lives and the importance of listening to others. Through her personal experience as a mother and immigrant, the artist tries to find explanations to her questions regarding society, exploring botany and humans in a series of evocative images.

For this edition of Night of Discoveries and Days of Art&Science, Karl Karlas, Adri Peralta, Maaike van Everdingen and Sam Wilson Fletcher (all members of the Leiden-based art collective ROEM) have created a series of artworks—including installations, film, and audio—that draw on extensive research carried out by each artist in collaboration with Leiden’s Hortus Botanicus.

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