The Night of Discoveries is back!

On Saturday the 17th of September 2022 you can enter the festival area at Leiden University, the botanical garden, the academy building and the old observatory.

As usual the festival is all about the arts and science, but this year with a focus on the younger generation. In different areas you can connect with young creators, researchers and artists.

This English page presents acts and performances in English or where language is no problem. Have a look below to see all the acts at Night of Discoveries and get your tickets here.


Oobah Butler

“Discover the best restaurant that never really existed.”

AR-visuals by ARquatic

“Discover how to stimulate your imagination with AR.”

Zuster Zonnebloem

Discover the Sixties in a new perspective.”

Citizen Science Lab

“Discover how to help scientific reasearch.”

Mobile Planetarium

“Discover the universe from up close!”

Erik Reino

“Discover the melodies of Erik Reino.”

Noah Elliot

Discover the delicate life of young queer people in text and music.

Animaltroniek by EXOOT

“Discover how your brain can experience a robot as a living and cuddly thing.”

Silent Disco with Strik&Strak

Discover the latest funky tunes!

R.I.P. Statue

Discover how two young women combine art and bones.

The most infectious card game – Immunowars

“Discover the future of education and science.”


Discover electronic atmospheres and interactive musical instruments.”

Botanical Stories – Esmée Winkel X Jos Agasi

“Discover botanical art by Esmée Winkel and Jos Agasi.”


“Discover how musical chemistry leads to explosion.”


Discover how to get out of your mid-life crisis with the 90’s and 2000’ vibes of Skir.


“Discover how different disciplines lead to new insights, innovation and creativity.”

Plaatjes vullen gaatjes

“Discover what a party you can build with vinyl!”

The Spicy Pepper Taste Test – Eyesiu

“Discover what the supplement PEArlboost does with your sense of taste when trying hot peppers.”

Expo Party ‘YOUNG ART’ 2.0 – Kunst Voor Ons

“Discover the creativity of young artists and yourself at the EXPO PARTY!”

Living Light – Ermi van Oers

“Discover the beauty of mirco- and bio-revolution in the Living Light project.”


“Discover your place in the world through people around you.

Chorea Symbiotica – Marion Lasserre en Patrick Rensen

“Discover the influence dance has on the bacteria in your stomach.”

Melody Nolan

“Discover how you deal with yourself and who is actually in charge.”

Klassieke fotokast

“Discover old fashioned photography turned vintage.

EEG Variability in Jaran Kepang Dancers – Daphne Wong-A-Foe

“Discover the connection between EEG and traditional dance Jaran Kepang from java.”

Installatie “Orbihedron” – Evelina Domnitch en Dmitry Gelfand

“Discover the theory of relativity and learn everything about black holes.”

Human 3D Disease Model Experts – MIMETAS

“Discover science with Organ-on-Chip microscopic art and live demonstrations.

Native perspectives on climate change – Raki Ap 

“Discover what climate change means from native people’s experiences.”

Repurpose-collective Pop-up

“Discover how to customize your clothes.”

Opya – Pauline Mikó en Job Worms

“Discover the bio-electric exchange between plants and the human body.

Space Food Experience – Moon Gallery

“Discover alien dishes in the micro gravity food show.”

GMT053_18_01_For Huntsville_Raja Chari_1061_nanoracks

“Discover everything about the moon gallery at the international space station.”

DIEP – Daan Mathot

“Discover a reality that does not make sense in this optic illusion called DIEP.

Rondleiding Historische telescopen

“Discover the history of astronomy in Leiden.”

More than planet tentoonstelling

“Discover a different way to look at earth and humankind.”

Astrofotografie Workshop

“Discover how to capture the night skye with astro photography.

Interactieve Escapebox – Young Academy Leiden

“Discover the history of Leiden University with this interactive escape box.”

Tulpenmanie – Anna Fine Foer

“Discover the Leiden DNA in the works of Anna Fine Foer.

The Night Tribe – Paul Cremers,

“Discover thrilling energy in this magical audiovisual experience.”